A Swiss Weekend Experience for Our Guests

February 2017
To Dimitra and Kostas

Where can you take your guests for a nice weekend if you are living in Geneva? Is it winter? Then your destination is mountains for winter sports. We picked our destination according to the accommodation options as Chateau- d’Oex which is a municipality in the canton of Vaud which is close to many places that worth to visit in the national park in Gruyere region. Our first stop was for sure Gruyere. The cheese factory La Maison du Gruyere is a small cute place to stop by for 30 minutes and see how they are making the cheese and get informed about cheese making. It is a nice museum, especially for kids. After the factory, we drive towards the old city to have a walk around the Gruyères Castle which is from the 13th century and surrounded by a panorama of the Alps.

After this short visit, we head towards Chateau-d’Oex through a very panoramic drive. When we reach the town, the sun is already leaving the peaks of the mountains. We stayed in Rosaly Bed & Breakfast which was an old building with historical decoration inside the hotel and the rooms and the woman in the hotel was very friendly and helpful. After eating fondue we are ready to sleep and wake up early for tomorrow’s hike.

On the morning, we are waking up and having a nice breakfast in our hotel and driving to La Lecherette where we will rent snowshoes and start walking. We picked trail 5 which was saying 8 km in the maps but we ended up walking 11 km. With the shining sun and blue sky, the weather was just gorgeous and we were very lucky to do the last snow shoeing of the year before the upcoming spring.

In Switzerland, you should get used to seeing healthy elderly people hiking even faster than you and climbing all the hills comfortably. You will be surprised how the lifestyle is revolved around nature here and from newborn babies on the back of their fathers to 90 years old everybody is hiking in the mountains. And Switzerland is surrounded by very well connected hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing and mountain biking trails which you can go all around the country. And how people are respectful in nature and how perfect is the maintenance of the trails are amazing too. After making our guests have a real Swiss experience with hiking and fondu we are driving back to Geneva through The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces which is one of the World Heritage Sites in Switzerland. We wish to see you guys back in Switzerland next fall guys!!

Written by Gozde Saral

Edited by Ifigenia Fragkou

This article is available in Greek too.

Amazing photos from this trip