Walking on the Lycian way

Temmuz, 2012

Although I have not completely walk on this historical and natural way in southern Turkey, I strongly recommend everybody who likes hiking. One can see many wonderful landscapes during this exciting adventure. I spent a week in Faralya near the start point of the Lycian Way in July 2012 with friends.

Lycian Way is a 509 km way-marked footpath in southern Turkey. It lies from Fethiye to Antalya and hides beautiful coasts for sunbathing, mountains for climbing, waterfalls with cold water for swimming and also hospitable local people for the travelers.

It is not a good idea to walk in summer months because of the extremely hot weather. But you can spend your nights in a hotel and have one-day visits around the region. We stayed at a peaceful place Montenegro Motel in Faralya. You will feel like at home there and Bayram is the sweetest and warmest host you can ever meet. Also, the caring and smiling staff are unforgettable. Bayram’s sister in law Elvan is the cook and her food is really delicious. Especially the home made bread she does every day for dinner. During our holiday Bayram suggested many alternative footpaths around the motel. The best of them is the Butterfly Valley, Mother Nature’s beautiful work called Kelebekler Vadisi.

There are two options for going down there. One of them is hiking from the Faralya village. It will take about 30-40 minutes depending on your condition. I must say that an upright and slippy path is awaiting you there. Especially on rainy days, it is not recommended to go down since it could be very very slippy and dangerous. Also, this path is not recommended for acrophobic. There are a few points which you should use ropes which have already fastened by climbers. So even if you going to swimming I recommend you to take your hiking shoes on and have a small back bag. Also if you are a good climber you can try to climb in the valley to the waterfall so it would be a wet climb. Therefore, I recommend you to take a small waterproof bag for your phone and money.

After visiting the waterfall and the butterflies you can finally have time for sunbathing and swimming in this beautiful bay. The second option to go down the valley is the seaway which you will use the boats from Ölüdeniz.

During your days, you can hike on daily paths near the motel and see many bays and wonderful views. For instance, you can hike to Kabak. It is about 12 km from the motel. During this walk, you will see many isolated bays and you can swim naked. During your trip, do not forget to plan to visit the nice sandy beach of Ölüdeniz and the historical Greek city “Kayaköy” from ancient Roman times.  Enjoy this beautiful corner of the Mediterranean, the meeting point of nature, the mountains, the sea and the forests.